In early 2014, one of the founders of Cultivating Kids Home School Group of Northeast Florida saw an opportunity to marry hands on learning with community service when a chance to compete for a small grant came about. As members of Permaculture Jax, a group responsible for several private food forest initiatives in and around Jacksonville, fellow homeschooling moms Jolinda Kohl and Tina Harden co-founded Bringing Food Forests to Northeast Florida.

Imagine walking through Riverside, downtown or your own neighborhood; interspersed with the decorative landscaping there are fruit and berry trees bearing gifts for the taking. It sounds dreamy, but we can make it a reality, right here in our own backyard! 

What We’re Doing

Company Profile

Bringing Food Forests to NE Florida


Founded: 2014

Founder: Jolinda Kohl

Founder: Candis Browand

Founder: Tina Harden

Permaculture Design Specialists: 
Candice Crawford, Alexander Ojeda, Michelle McInnis

Somer's Garden

A community food forest bringing life, nourishment, new memories and a positive focus to a piece of property that otherwise evokes so much pain.

Community Garden Consultations
We are currently working with several area organizations to develop Food Forest Garden opportunities.  Be sure to check back to see where you can visit our next project for fresh, free, organic food.

  •      Permaculture for Children & Teens
  •      Lakota Sustainability Project
  •      Vets N Veggies Community Food Forest Garden 
  •      ​​Franklin & 3RD Community Food Forest Garden